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Freestone: Small Town Shopping Tour
By Vesta Copestakes

« Valley Ford

It's an easy jaunt from Valley Ford to Freestone along the Valley Ford-Freestone Road off of Hwy 1 heading back to civilization. A quick left into the valley and on the left is the famous Wildflour Bakery. People seem to know about this bakery from all over the planet. Italian bicyclists, wine-tasters looking for food, etc., stop in for hot coffee, chai and unique baked goods. Be prepared to take a loaf home with you.

Thea Doty of Enduring Comforts has benefited from close proximity. People spot her goods artfully displayed outside her shop next door and are lured over to check it out. That's how I found Thea! Actually, I come here for music CDs. Thea's taste is similar to mine so I often buy one while I'm on the road distributing papers. I've also found lovely jewelry, warm scarves for family members living in cold climates and even a delightful old book. Thea carries items from old estates to beautifully crafted purses, jewelry and clothing, She even sells candles, soaps, and lovely glassware. Actually, naming all she sells is difficult. But best of all, is Thea herself. What a thoroughly delightful person.

Keep going along the Bohemian Highway and if you love to pamper yourself, or someone you care about, stop in at Osmosis Day Spa, pick up a Gift Certificate, and if you really love yourself, make an appointment for a clean, relaxing enzyme bath in hot cedar. Go ahead, go for the massage as well. I've known Michael Stusser for decades now since this was a small operation run with his cousin Susan. Michael is dedicated to providing a unique experience unlike any other spa you've been to. He's one of the most socially and ecologically responsible people I've known and is very active in is community. The spa store specializes in body products of superior quality and ingredients. And they also have the softest, cotton robes.

At the turn in the road is Freestone House & Gardens and I am sad to say, this is the last opportunity you will have to shop here. Jim Longacre is closing the nursery and store and the building is being handed over to an organization which will more than likely sell it. Jim's heart has been in this place for many yeas. It saddens him to leave, but it's time. Take advantage of his going our of business sale to purchase unique antiques, and plants from the nursery.

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Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary

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