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Bodega Bay: Small Town Shopping Tour
By Vesta Copestakes

« Jenner

And speaking of enjoying the water, I recently met Bob Miller who owns Bodega Bay Surf Shack and Kayak. I've covered his shop in past Shopping Tours and this time he picked up the phone and called. Time to run an ad he said. So I took the opportunity to ride my motorcycle out on a sunny, warm day to visit the man. What fun he is! I enjoyed just listening to him talk. He absolutely loves what he does from the shop full of surfing gear, clothes, bathing suits, sandals, jewelry and of course surf boards, to teaching people how to ride boards and paddle kayaks. His mission in life is getting people on water. It's a totally different perspective when you are out on the surface of water compared to being on shore. Bob and his crew take total novices on guided kayaking trips, so there's nothing stopping you if you ever wanted to do this. Just a little side story... I was visiting a neighbor recently and his key rack by the door was one of Bob's mini surfboard racks that this young man's mother purchased for him and he absolutely loves it. Hint Hint.

Bodega Bay is more of an eater's paradise and I thought I knew good places until Bob gave advice to some tourists who had come in to buy bathing suits for the hot tub at their hotel. Bob launched into the best places to eat and the one I never knew about was clam chowder out toward Bodega Head. A little place out there and I forgot the name. Another adventure for another day. Or ask Bob. I always go to the Sand Piper for it's familiar comfort and good food. Bay Flat Road is a little jaunt off Hwy One and you'll find Second Wind Kites and Candy along the way, Seaweed Café for highly recommended dining, even though I don't know that personally, and Local Color Gallery in that same row of businesses. By the way, the tackle shop at the end of the row, Will's if I remember correctly, is owned by some amazingly cheerful individuals who also, I understand, rent a pleasure/fishing boat. I enjoy stopping in to visit with them periodically.

My favorite stop along the coast is Tammi at Gournet au Bay, a wine tasting shop. I simply drop my paper there and chat a bit and invariably, she has a happy crowd out on the deck overlooking the bay, sipping wine. Her store sells wine, of course, but she also sells music CDs, dinnerware, eclectic books and even kid clothes. How do you describe a place like this? Just go. Step on to her protected and heated deck if it's cold and windy and you won't be chilled. Sip on some wine and it will get even better.

And while I'm in Bodega Bay, I recently stopped in to the Ren Brown Gallery. I hadn't been there in more than ten years. They specialize in Japanese art, both ancient and contemporary. There's something about anything that creates a sense of tranquility. Perhaps it's the cleanliness of line, form and function. From jewelry and furniture to prints, paintings and scultpure, this gallery is a total delight to just be in.

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