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About the Editor

Vesta Copestakes has been writing non-fiction and fiction as far back as she can remember. "The printed word is a major part of my life from reading two newspapers every day to climbing into bed with a novel at night. I love words on a page. Reading is quiet and gives our imaginations the opportunity to form pictures and sounds. And reading a newspaper lets us pick and choose what we read and how much detail we want to learn. It's the only medium where we have total control over the quantity and quality of our input."

Virtually every newspaper has a parent company that finances publishing the paper and the Sonoma County Gazette is no exception. In the case of VESTA Publishing, it's Vesta Copestakes' graphic design business, VESTA Marketing Services that fills the financial gaps. "I've been a graphic designer for decades and had a full-service advertising agency many years ago. Marketing, advertising and public relations are in my DNA. I absolutely love the creative challenge and no matter how much I love my newspaper, this is still the main way I make a living."

From creating ads, logos, brochures, maps, interpretive signs and catalogs for clients to writing press releases and editorial for publishing, Vesta still covers all aspects of being a full-service agency for her clients. From concept to completion, she uses state-of-the-art computer technology and works mainly in print media.

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Vesta Copestakes
VESTA Marketing Services
(707) 887-0253

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